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Styles by Lisa of Beverly Hills is one of Charlotte’s premier hair styling salons specializing in natural hair styles. They are passionate about healthy, beautiful hair and offers a variety of natural hair care treatments, products and styling including their signature and most popular California Press, Scalp Therapy, Steam Treatment, Designer Hair Cuts, Coil Twists, Extensions and many more services to choose from. With the natural hair movement vastly growing and the overwhelming growth of their clientele, owners Lisa and Andre Fuller expands to a new location (4128 South Blvd. Suite A2, Charlotte NC). For over a decade women from all over Charlotte and surrounding areas are flocking to the new location for all of their natural hair care needs.



The Transition

When growing out relaxed and over processed hair, expectations during this process requires patience and diligence.  You will not see dramatic change overnight.  Everyone’s experience will be different. Nothing will make hair that has been chemically relaxed go back to it’s natural state.

You only have two choices, you can live with the permed hair at the end of the natural hair until it grows out or you can cut the permed hair off.  Should you decide not to let go of your length all at once weekly and bi-weekly hair appointments for hair treatments is strongly suggested to minimize hair breakage during your growing out process.

The average time to grow out relaxed hair is at least one year depending on the condition of your hair upon initial consultation.  you may experience shedding due to over-processed hair.  Your first appointment is usually more expensive and more time is recommended.  Trims are also recommended every 6 – 8 weeks to rid over processed hair and maintenance products for home use are also very important for the success of your natural hair care process.  Because we are building moisture content and training new hair, it is important to keep hair hydrated with steam therapy.
We are dedicated to natural hair!  Our mission is to help our clients achieve healthy hair with styles they love.

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    Would like a consult. I really want to keep natural hair, but getting very frustrated with the results. I need a style for a professional office.


      book a free consultation and we can give you some options. thanks.


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